Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Little Overwhelmed!

I really hope that the leak in the dining room ceiling gets fixed soon, I am really tired of holding my breath just waiting for the ceiling to open up and water just start raining down on the marble floor. Its hard because Tomas is at work and he has given the workers detailed instructions about what he wants done, and he has passed these instructions on to me but I am not that handy and I don't know how to tell the workers what I want and when I ask if they have done such and such a thing they say "Si". My tutoring session went well yesterday and I was excited with the amount of Spanish I knew, but I was discouraged by how much I had forgotten. I can't remember almost any of the verbs and I know that when I am talking to the workers I am making huge mistakes. For example I told them that the bathroom in my bed was working fine. The bathroom in my BED?! Goodness what they must have been thinking, at least I got a smile out of them. Of course they were kind enough to correct me. So long complaint short- I am discouraged with my lack communication skills and what is more annoying, I know the language for the most part! Its in my brain, I studied for 5 years and its just coming back to me more slowly than I had hoped. Also, I am bummed about my ceiling with its pretty crown molding getting messed up!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, so we are gonna have a blast at the embassy so I'm will post more!


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  1. I will post more actually..Sorry I was typing fast!